Tristan Watson

Sensei Tristan Watson has been training at Maai Hyoshi Dojos for over seven years and is our youngest instructor. He started training with Mr Gent when he was 18 years old and after six months of training, Mr Gent offered him work in the security industry.
Sensei Watson took this as a huge honour and saw it as a great opportunity for he was the “the smallest, youngest and least trained” at the time. He trained four days a week under Mr Gent until his passing on 14th March 2006. 
"Mr Gent spent so much time teaching me martial arts the best way I can honour him is to keep it alive and pass it on to help other people".
He had found his place in the world, for the first time - he felt like he was getting taught something worth learning. He had found his inner passion and is best defined by a quote from him.
“If life gets in my way and my training can't be the same then, I will have to change - the best thing is to keep training and never stop".
Since then, Tristan has trained under Sensei Cockell in Ninjutsu, MMA and BJJ. He also travelled to Australia and studied MMA, Submission Wrestling and Karate under Shihan Ben Pollet for six months.
  • 2004 - Began training in martial arts under the founder of Maai Hyoshi Dojos Shidoshi M.J.GENT.
  • 2006 - Given green belt from Shidoshi Gent.
  • 2009 - Started training in MMA under Sensei Cockell and had four I.C.N.Z. B class MMA fights.
  • 2009 - Passed black belt test under Head instructor Sensei Cockell at the third memorial for Shidoshi Gent.
  • 2010 - Had another B class and two A class MMA fights.
  • 2011 - Passed yellow belt test and green belt test at Pollet’s Martial Arts.
  • 2011 - Won under 75kg B.J.J. competition in Bathurst and won under 70kgs No Gi and C class MMA in Queensland Australia.
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