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Our Philosophy - Adapt or Die

The underlying aim of the Maai-Hyoshi Dojos is to produce a complete martial artist. Physically, this is done by practicing all forms of combat. Nothing is omitted. We use strikes, locks, evasions, blocks, throws, breakfalls, counters, weapons, ground fighting, etc. Mentally, the completeness is achieved by studying the strategies, tactics, history, traditions and attitudes of various schools of Budo. We also study teaching methods, physiology, psychology and organisational skills. To grow spiritually, we use sensory skills, Ki training, meditation and spiritual 'pressure' training.

The philosophy we use to achieve this is basically summed up by the Nin symbol - perseverance (hence why we wear this symbol on our Gi's).

In our training, and our lives, this means:

  • Physically, mentally and spiritually we bring ourselves face to face with our weaknesses.

  • We seek out our faults, admit that they are faults, and work on them,

  • We strive:

  • to eliminate unnecessary action.

  • to develop the meekness to realise we can learn from anyone.

  • to deal with each occurrence as it happens.

  • to harmonise with our problems.

  • to realise that we are not perfect, but to strive for perfection.

  • to treat success and failure as the same, an indication of progress.

  • to move with life's flow.

This means we know, that at any one time, a truly balanced person knows their own capabilities, realises how much they have improved, but sees how far they have to go. We strive to develop the quiet determination to always be the best we can be, be happy with that, but also know that tomorrow we're going to get the chance to be better.

All of this takes a special kind of strength, of honesty and of determination.

This is Nin


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