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We at Maai Hyoshi are obsessed with, all and every aspect of martial arts training.
We train in BJJ, MMA, Ninjutsu, Street defence and Weapons Training.
We often have people ask us when they join if they should be doing all of the above. There is no set answer – the best way to go about it is to have a look at each aspect – identify your goals and head to a class (not particularly in that order).
We have students who enjoy the traditional aspect of Ninjutsu as well as students who have entered the cage for MMA fights.
Training also means different things to different people, for some it means a way to get fit or meet new friends. For others, it’s a cut throat competitive sport.
Our students have participated and won at various competitions, namely ICNZ Contender Submission Grappling, ICNZ MMA Grassroots and MMA cage fights and Princesses of Pain.
We find when new members come along they start to feel embarrassed or feel uncoordinated. This is normal and part of learning a new skill. Everyone goes through this phase – even our top instructors have.
Martial Arts whether mixed or traditional, has a lot to offer. Come along and check out your local class.

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