Anthony Clark

Head Instructor NZ

Anthony Clark is our Nelson based instructor who has been training in martial arts for 25 years.
He began his training when he was 8 years old with Tae kwon Do in Papatoetoe until his family moved to Howick when he was 12. After a couple of years of training at home and playing WWF wrestling with his mates he started training in Karate which he trained in until the club closed when he was 16.
Anthony went on to train in different forms of Kung Fu for the next couple of years. Finding that all the systems he had trained in all seem to be the same with the primary focus being either on learning different Kata’s or sport fighting, not on true combat.
“Martial Arts has its origin in true combat, on the ancient battle fields either you defeated your enemy or you died, there where no rules or referees.”
Being dissatisfied with this he started searching for a true martial system, when he was 18 he found Ninjutsu and more importantly Mr Gent.
“The Human Animal has used violence to solve their problems for thousands of years.
When I look at the world today nothing much has changed, all we have done is develop more efficient ways of killing each other.”
For the next 10 years he immersed himself in his training, training 5 to 7 days a week.
The training was often brutal, punishing and regularly quite frightening.
Mr Gent came from a background of gangs and violence and the training reflected this mind set.
Working his way up through the grades Anthony eventually sat and passed his 5th Dan test at the NZ Tai Kai (training camp) held by the Grandmaster Hatsumi Sensei in 1994.
Anthony spent a number of years doing night club and bar security, this gave him a first hand insight into street violence and what is necessary to protect yourself from it.
He also taught Women’s Assault Self protection (W.A.S.P) in schools and to corporate clients.   
In 2004 Anthony and his wonderful family moved to Nelson, being new to the area he started training in Aikido, Hapkido and Brazilian Jiu-Jutsu.
After a couple of years of living in Nelson he started his own club teaching the Maai Hyoshi Dojo’s unique combat methods.
“I believe when taught correctly Ninjutsu is one of the most effective Martial systems in the world, it has proven itself in over a 1000 years of violent history.”


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